Bitcoin School is an open school to help entrepreneurs utilize the Bitcoin monetary network to it’s fullest potential for free commerce and trade.

Learn to power your business with Bitcoin

We want to empower the next wave of bitcoin-native entrepreneurs with – Enroll now for free.

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Learn to power your business with bitcoin

We want to empower the future entrepreneurs that will be denominating their trade and value in Bitcoin, join Bitcoin School today and start learning!


How to use the blockchain as a system


Learn to leverage Bitcoin's monetary network


Creative applications for Bitcoin commerce


Security principles for hot & cold wallets

Bitcoin School Classes

Bitcoin School has a heavy focus on economics and denominating in Bitcoin.


Accepting Bitcoin 101

Bitcoin School explores the various options you have for your business to accept bitcoin with existing tools like BTCPay Server. 

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Sound-Money for Business

Enterprise driven by sound-money has it’s advantages and challenges, we explore the two sides and go in-depth on the economic balances needed to run your business on sound-money.

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Applying Bitcoin's Monetary System

We dive into the custom applications of the monetary system that is Bitcoin and how you can apply these into a custom business system powered but Bitcoin.

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Wallet & Node Basics for Business

Hardware wallets and nodes are critical for keeping your newly earned Bitcoin safe, we explore the various applications of running a node to further secure your own wallet with a heavy focus on enterprise resilience. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin School?

Bitcoin School is a free resource provided by the Bitcoin Seed Fund, we believe in Bitcoin as a monetary network that will power the future of free-commerce and trade Worldwide. We are building Bitcoin School with the lessons we learned while building bitcoin denominated enterprise.

Can anyone join Bitcoin School?

Bitcoin School is an open school designed to make our knowledge available to anyone, from anywhere. 

How do you make Bitcoin?

Bitcoin School is self-funded by our own productivity, if you’d like to contribute to our growth velocity by donating Bitcoin please contact us. 

Are you hiring Bitcoin educators?

Always, we value differing perspectives, opinions, and experiences. If you feel like you have an important lesson that will drive bitcoin adoption in productive and free-commerce, please contact us.

Do you have other projects built on Bitcoin?

Yes, our main working project is – We love domains, as they are the most tangible digital assets. This platform is powered by bitcoin and fully denominated in bitcoin. Find a great domain there and deploy your idea!

Bitcoin Seed Fund is a project by the Bitcoin Seed Fund. We want to empower the leaders of tomorrow with actionable knowledge to forge into the next wave of digital commerce using Bitcoin.



Proudly made in Guatemala. 

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